We often come across few gem of songs which are very underrated, and this song from Lootera falls under this category.

Varun, a thief is madly in love in Pakhi who is dying with tuberculosis, the past haunts Pakhi as Varun whom she loved in the past has ruined her and her family and now she doesn’t even want to look at his face. There comes a situation in our lives where our only choice is to give up on our lives, The girl whom Varun loves the most hates him, The guilt about his past haunts him and the local police are waiting to kill him and that’s when Varun tired of his life and decides to let go everything, he just wants to get into solitude. That’s when the song comes in the climax, Thanks to the director Vikramadtya Motwane for the lovely situation.


Love is a disease which makes us do crazy things. Pakhi thinks that when all the leaves on the tree fall on the ground she is going to die.When Varun is about to leave her forever he paints a leaf and sticks on the tree so that Pakhi never gives up hope on her life, At least till the leaf falls down again. There is a blizzard outside and Varun is badly wounded by the gunshot in his stomach, blood is oozing out from the wound, still he wants to do the one last thing for his love. Paki might not notice it or appreciate him but the satisfaction in doing something for your love is priceless. Thanks to Amitabh Battacharya for brilliant lyrics explaining the act of letting go and explaining Varun’s state of mind accurately as the first few lines go

Mujhey chhod do merey haal pey
Mujhey chhod do merey haal pey
Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai
Zindaa hoon yaar kaafi hai..
Leave me on my own
Leave me on my own
I am alive, it’s all enough
I am alive, it’s all enough


After repeatedly apologizing Pakhi and trying to get redemption from his sins he fails and finally decides let go off everything and just be happy that he is alive. There is a shot where Varun falls down of the tree after sticking the leaf, He is just lying on the ground, He might be in pain but he just looks at the leaf and there is a smile on his face, A sign of relief and a sense of satisfaction, He is OK with dying the very next second. He gets up and starts limping and walking there with still a big smile on his face, He might be a looser in love but according to him his love has made him win, He is killed the next minute by the cops and that’s where the film ends.


This situation could have been shot without a song too, it’s nothing but a man sticking a leaf on to the tree for his love, but the song helped to understand the inner feelings of Varun and helped us to empathize for him. Director Vikramadiya Motwane, music director Amit Trivedi and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya together created `ART’.


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