Vijay Devarakonda’s Surprise For Fans

The film stars enjoy a huge fan base and his fan base is increasing day by day. There are only a few heroes in the film industry who take care of their fans with a lot of love. Usually, the heroes will be afraid if they have to go to the public but Vijay Devarakonda looks like an exemption. After achieving a huge popularity with the film Arjun Reddy, the actor has got a huge fan following.
With Arjun Reddy Vijay grabbed a huge following on the youth and a lot of fans are trying to meet him and talk with him. Vijay Devarakonda decided to meet some of his fans and surprise them for this Christmas. Vijay Devarakonda has been to JNAFU and met some fans by surprising them with some special gifts. Vijay told that he is not going to be here for the new year and reveal that he decided to surprise his fans and brought them gifts. A lot of people have shown interest and enthusiasm to catch a glimpse of him and also came forward to pose for selfies with him.
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