Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru / Khakee Review


Karthi, being a versatile actor, loves to experiment several characterizations with each film. This time he comes with an action crime thriller Khakee. This film being an excerpt based on true events especially portrays the dark side effects and the struggles of the Police in handling several cases and the way the real heroes were ignored by the Government.

H. Vinoth’s narration is too gripping which can make the audience travel with the protagonist. The suspense of problem-solving has been carried out well until the end. Some of the scenes will be a surprise jaw-dropping moments to the audience. The way the life of a cop is being connected with the true life events and executed with a subtle commercial touch is worth appreciating.

Casting is one of the major assets of the film. Karthi and Rakul Preet have delivered their best to the film. Each and every character has been efficiently used in the film to resolve the problem.

Cinematographer Sathyan Sooran work has been another asset for the film. He has brought out the feel and the emotion a thriller story exactly demands. Especially the way he handled the lighting and taking in night exterior locations is a visual beauty. This film had a need to establish lot many locations and uses most of the aerial shots to do this. This also resembles the vastness of the problem to be solved. The whole film seems to be shot using natural light but mostly it isn’t. This entire credit goes to Sathyan Sooran for delivering the jaw-dropping stunning visuals.

Editing has also played a major role in establishing the crime thriller mood. Shivanandeeswaran’s crispy editing has made the film look stylish and astonishing. Gibran’s background score is as brilliant as every other craft in the film and he never fails to startle you for each scene.

On the whole, Khakee promises to deliver enthralling and breathtaking visual experience. It’s a must watch film and probably one of the best crime thrillers Tamil cinema has ever made.


Rating: 4/5

Dinesh A
M.F.Tech Cinematography

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