The Mozart of Madras -AR Rahman’s Official Biography Will Be Out In Early 2018


The news minute reported that, the music composer AR Rahman’s official biography will be released in early months of 2018. The title is framed as “A R Rahman: The man in the music”. This has been written by Krishna Trilok, and will explore at different aspects of Rahman’s life. This explains the hard work, struggles and the dedication of Rahman towards his passion.

Krishna Trilok a 24 year young writer is the son of advertising film makers Sharada and Trilok Nair. They also collaborated with AR Rahman on several projects and later famously introduced the composer to Mani Ratnam. This collabaoration has begun with the most sensational hit film “Roja” in 1992. Sharikrida is a novel written by Trilok previously. The biography follows Nasreen Munni Kabir’s book-length conversation book The Spirit of Music and Kamini Mathai’s AR Rahman The Musical Storm.

Currently Rehman is busy with two projects mainly, Shankar’s 2.0 and Rajeev Menon’s “Sarvam Thaala Mayam”. Also he has been working with non-film projects. That includes the 19 minute composition “The Flying Lotus and the concert film One Heart”.

Trilok told that he strived hard to get to the heart of the person behind the music, awards and films. He is a kind of personality, who has not been explored and a person who is very humorous, great and gentle. The main aim behind this project is to bring his personality in to the fore.

Trilok interviewed different persons who had some relation with Rahman like his parents, Mani Ratnam, Bharat Bala, Rajeev Menon, Rahman’s sisters, his audio engineers and his manager, Vijay Iyer for script. This biography may include Rahman’s mastery over musical instruments and the new technologies. Rahman has introduced many musicians to the technology and equipment. Trilok said that “he made film music composing lucrative for many upcoming music directors and with the help of his strong legal team pushed for procuring copyrights for his songs.”

Trilok also said that this book will definitely brings out the Rahman’s “paradoxical personality” and shows how he is “incredibly ambitious but also very humble and grounded”. He is not only a spiritual person or a composer who works late nights and wins a lot of awards but there is a lot more in him and this is been written about. He has fantastic sense of humor and this can be seen in his one-liners. His mind is like a sponge as it absorbs any amount of information as he loves technology.

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