Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

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Comedian turned hero Saptagiri has scored a big hit with the film Saptagiri Express which released last year. Cashing on the craze of the same the actor has now come up with an interesting project called Saptagiri LLB which is an official remake of Bollywood super hit film Jolly LLB.
Those who have seen the original, everything appears the same in the film. But those who haven’t watched the original film might be impressed with the plotline. The film tells the story of Saptagiri, a budding advocate who files a PIL in the court with regards to a hit and run case that was already closed in the court by a senior-most advocate Raj Paul (Sai Kumar). What happens then and how did the courtroom drama between them turned around forms the rest of the story of the film.
The plus point in the movie is narration in the second half. The entire courtroom drama episodes have shot well and they are the major plus points of the movie. The arguments made by both parties in the courtroom are interesting and creates a curiosity about the further happenings. The climax episode, especially the last 30mins of the movie is going to impress everyone as the emotion is carried out well in the movie. Though the film starts at a low point in the first half, it fails to show a promise. but the second half, especially, the last 30mins will erase that feeling. The twist that comes with the ending is also good and all the lead actors have played their characters well. The judge role played by Kodela Siva Prasad is impressive and he needs to be appreciated.
The unimpressive screenplay of the movie is the major minus point. The director failed to create an interest in the movie in the entire first half which literally disappoints the audiences. The film even starts on a dull note in the beginning of the second half. The interval bang that has been generated creates a good interest but it was not carried well. The makers have concentrated more on turning this into a commercial one and failed in concentrating on the content.
The senior most co-director Charan has made his directional debut with this movie and he is successful in selecting a good subject. Even though the plot line is thin, the director tried to present it in a comercial way by adding fights, comedy, dance and romance. The taking disappoints big time and the background is the only highlight in the film. The camera work is okay and the existing by Gowtham Raju is also good. The production values maintained by Dr.Ravi Kiran are impressive and appreciable.
Saptagiri LLB has been in the news for a long time and the makers have become successful in marketing their movie. But they have failed to reach the expectations of the audiences. Except for the last 30minutes and the key climax episode, the film hardly makes an impression and on a whole, Saptagiri LLB is a time pass flick which can be avoided.
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