Sanjai Mishra’s epic performances made him a versatile actor in Bollywood


Sanjai Mishra’s epic performances made him a versatile actor in Bollywood

Sanjay Mishra is one of the best known actors of Bollywood.  Unlike most actors who either shy away from mainstream cinema or look at it with disdain, Mishra always each film as a rehearsal of his craft. He always delivers the stunning performances on screen.  Recently in an interview  Mishra said that  “Just like a cricketer who tries to be good at tests and T20s, as actor I try to entertain the audience through different genres”.  We know about Mishra as a great actor who has done a great effort to mark for his comic performances. But most of his powerful performances have come in other genres.

Here’s the list which contains some of his best performances:

Aankhon Dekhi

Mishra received a lot of acclaim for his role as Raje Bauji in Rajat Kapoor’s “Ankhon Dekhi”. In this movie his character has an epiphany and after that he decides to believe in what he has seen with his own eyes. Watching this performance, was nothing less than a spiritual experience. Thus, this made him to become a versatile actor as it was one of the best movies to come out of the Hindi film industry in the last ten years.

Phas Gaye Re Obama

Mishra mesmerized audience with his performance as Bhai Sahab in this movie. This has become the brilliant comedy picture of him. In this movie he kidnaps a NRI in hopes of making money in a recession-hit economy and the humour was organically introduced through his mannerisms and dialogue delivery. Miishra’s acting skills and impeccable comic timing helped in making this character a point of history in Bollywood.


Sanjay did his performance stand out because of his simplicity in this movie. Masaan had made a name for itself because of amazing performances overall. In every frame of this movie in which Mishra acted as a father who was troubled for his daughter because of the mess she has been caught in and yet infuriated at her, all at once was perfectly portrayed. Thus, the perfect blend of emotions makes his performance very believable.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Mishra delivered another power-packed performance as Tiwari ji in “Dum Laga KeHaisha”. In this movie, Mishra played as Tiwari ji an old man who just wants to be the best for his son. While he might come off as a stern father, he has his son’s best interest in his heart. This performance has a huge impact on the audience.

All The Best

In Rohit Shetty’s All The Best Mishra’s  performance was so amazing. There was a famous dialogue that ‘Dhondu just chill bey….’. The he lost his father at that time he tried to give his best performance. Instead of going through depression, Mishra gave a crackling comic performance and received a lot of appreciation.

Thanks Maa

Thanks Maa is a tale based mother and child relationship. The real beauty of this film lies in, the way of highlighting the issues of abandoning infants, using ironies found rampant in our daily lives. As a potty-mouthed, and reluctantly helpful Mumbai taxi driver Mishra delivered a powerful performance. This stays with audience for a long time.

Kadvi Hawa

Kadvi Hawa tries to show the collective indifference to the important issue of climate change and its impact. In this movie Mishra acted as a blind old man who stressed with debt- ridden agriculturist son and his family. Later he gets an agreement with a coldblooded man who turns out to be Satan himself. This is a kind of movie that must be watched by one who wants Bollywood to come up with quality movies that satiate their thirst for good cinema.

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