There are stars, super stars, power stars and sensational stars in the film industry but at the same time, we must also have some real actors around us to keep us entertained with genuine sensibilities and emotions. Not everyone can become a sensible actor and it is achieved only if the audiences are impressed. In that way, nani truly deserves the tag called natural star. He is the only actor of the current generation who is away from the box office race, stardom, collections conflicts, hero centric stories but is constantly running after concept and entertainment oriented films that make a way to your home video library.

Nani’s career is an inspiration for many aspiring actors and his colleagues too.Today his body of work has won audience trust so much that they know that they are up for some good entertainment if you are watching a nani film.

Nani’s career started like any other hero’s with a lot of struggles. The choices he made in the initial days of the career is impressive but couldn’t find the commercial success but with every film he left his mark as an actor . He has got to taste both the hits and flops equally. With bheemili kabaddi jattu, ala modalaindhi and pilla zamindar, nani proved his mettle . With eega, the performer gained a recognition in multiple film industries. All of a sudden, his career witnessed a decline in growth and there was a point of time where everyone expressed a lot of doubts on the actor’s career that was going down the drain and he will never be able to experience success again. As u know how the world works


Nani is a person who wants his work to do all the talking. He waited patiently and started to raise the tempo for the beginning of a new phase in his career with the film Yevade Subrahmanyam. Post the release and success of the film, there is no looking back for him in a career. After Yevade Subrahmanyam, the film Bhale Bhale Magadivoi gave him the much needed commercial success which boosted up a lot of confidence for the actor’s career. Nani is some one who turns obstacles also into opportunities and wen his opportunity windows broadens you see amazing body of work like Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Gentleman, Majnu, Nenu Local and Ninnu Kori. This is some thing which cant be achieved in our decade where actors are struggling for one hit film this guy gets seven blockbusters back to back! This man surely knows his scripts rights !

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