PSV Garuda Vega Review


DR Rajasekhar is back again! After taking a break for more than two years, the actor has worked on an exciting project, and it has hit the screens today. Let’s see whether the actor succeeded in impressing the audience or not.

The story starts with the introduction of Sekhar (Rajasekhar), who works for NIA (National Intelligence Agency). One day, he quarrels with a man (Adith Arun) during a small accident on the road and later comes to know that he has a connection with the murder of an old lady. From then he starts searching for him along with his team. Who is he? What is that murder mystery of an old lady? These elements form the rest of the story.

Rajasekhar is back again with a bang. After watching the movie, you will realise that this story is made for Rajasekhar and no one can pull of that character as brilliant as him. Pooja Kumar failed to impress the audience, and there are no proper elevation scenes for the villain Kishore, who enters into the story in the second half. The comedy scenes with Ali, Prudhvi disappointed the audience, and the other characters like Nassar, Posani, Ravi Varma and Shiyaji Shinde gave their best in the respective roles.

The cinematography is top notch, and the hard work of five cinematographers well paid off. The production values are fantastic, and the editing needs special mention. Sunny Leone’s special song will impress the audience a lot in the theatres. The BGM is superb, and it has taken the movie to whole next level. Though the second half looks boring sometimes, the director managed to entertain the audience with Hollywood level screenplay.

The director has proved that the TFI is no less than Hollywood, and they can make movies on par with them. Without including any commercial or routine elements, the director showed his excellence in the screenplay and the way presenting it on screen. He focused more on the action sequences and presented them without missing a simple logic. The first half is terrific and second half is also fantastic. Though there are few scenes, which might seem boring to the audience in the second half, this movie will make him one of the most-wanted directors in Tollywood.

Rating: 3/5

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