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Jothi Krishna, Son of the renowned producer A.M.Rathnam who made his debut with the bilingual Nee Manasu Naku Telusu in 2003 is back with a straight Telugu commercial entertainer Oxygen.  Let’s see if the film has got enough Oxygen to survive at the box office.

First things first, Filmmakers should come out of a bubble that forcing a social message in a commercial film will give them a blockbuster. Nobody cares about the message that entire people want is a good story. Coming back to oxygen, The film deals with a social issue which is Smoking. I agree that smoking is a serious issue in our society but it isn’t as serious as corruption or terrorism and that is where Jothi Krishna made a mistake. He took up Smoking seriously and dealt it like it is as serious as terrorism. It isn’t wrong to take up a social issue but it depends on how you treat it. There is a film in Tamil called “Idharkuthaane Aasapattai Baalakumara”, a low budget black comedy film which revolves around Alcoholism and Blood donation which is how Smoking could have been dealt. Preaching about no smoking is not the place for a commercial film at this huge scale. There are cold-blooded murders, Patriotic chants, cracking locker passwords, dangerous stunts happening just to preach a message which people already know made the whole film silly. The exaggeration is at its peaks. At some point in the second half, i really wanted to stop Gopichand and tell “Chill bro, it’s not worth it”.

Oxygen has the tropes which a regular commercial film has. Almost nothing happens in the 1st half of the film, Jothi Krishna passes the time with the love track, few comedy scenes, and clichéd family drama until the BIG twist gets revealed near the interval which was very well shot with good BGM. The twist actually gained a lot of expectations in the second half but then, The conflict of the film is revealed and the film went haywire in the second half. All the performances were good and both the heroines got meaty roles.

Cinematography by Chota K Naidu and Vetri were decent and there’s nothing special to talk about it. One would wonder if the music is really composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja as all the songs were just average except for “O Kshanam” which was also well shot. Screenplay by A.M.Rathnam is decent as the main culprit is the story itself and things like recording video to expose the villain and cracking the locker password looked are age-old ideas. The film’s runtime is around 2hours 40mins and 20 minutes can be easily get chopped. VFX at some scenes are very bad and many shots have been shot in the green screen just to save time and budget.

On the whole, Oxygen talks about a social issue which Rahul Dravid tells us in every film. So if you really want to watch a no smoking ad elaborated into 2 hours 40 minutes with added masala, you can. I’m leaving it to your choice.

Our Rating – 2.5/5

–    Praneeth Prattipati


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