Okkadu Migiladu Review


What’s most important for a War film genre is “Production Design”. When this department fails… the entire film fails to connect with the audience. This is what happened with Okkadu Migiladu movie which was released today. Keeping aside everything, the production quality and Naxalite setup is more organised and dynamic in Dasari Narayana Rao’s “Osey Ramulamma” compared to Okkadu Migiladu. Because of less number of extras in the scenes, most of the frame seems empty. Though we are in VFX era, this film fails to use VFX in creating the originality in the frames. But in Osey Ramulamma and many other films, the feel of war has been achieved without using any VFX those days.


The storyline seems interesting but it failed in the screenplay and editing. Mainly the second half has a very good story but the way it was executed and the establishment of the story will take away the audience from the film. The casting seems a minus and the performances delivered by the actors seem weak and not up to the mark. Manoj being in the role of a militant seems to imitate Dasari Narayana Rao from the film Osey Ramulamma and a bit of Mohan Babu. There is nothing much to talk and learn from this film. A war film genre has separate pre-established requirements and they are mandatory. This film fails to have them.


On the whole, this film fails to connect with the audience because of the lack of various production values and casting.

Rating: 2/5

Dinesh A
M.F.Tech Cinematography

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