Okka Kshanam Controversy Comes To End

Allu Sirish
We are already aware of the controversy surrounding the movie Okka Kshanam. The film stars Sirish, Seerat and Surabhi in the lead roles. The rumour is that Okka Kshanam is the freemake of a Korean movie titled as Parallel Life and Sunkara Anil, the popular producer is said to be having rights for the same film.
Anil Sunkara tweeted, “Had a pleasant chat with Vi Anand &Chakri of Okka Kshanam. All the concerns are sorted out &cleared. After knowing the entire content of d film, i am sure that its gonna be a big hit.Advanced congrats to @AlluSirish @directorvianand nd Chakri. Looking farward 2 working with dem.”
Allu Sirish tweeted, “Thank you very much Anil garu for your support & best wishes.
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