2017 is raining with good films in Telugu cinema and Mental Madhilo is all set to join the list. After Pelli Choopulu, Mental Madhilo is yet another Romantic comedy produced by Raj Kandukuri directed by debutant Vivek Athreya starring Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, and Amrutha Srinivasan. The film has already gained a huge response from the premieres and appreciations from the celebrities. Let’s find out why Mental Madhilo enters into the best films club of this year.

A character flaw is an important tool in screenwriting used to make the character relatable, Create a good conflict and build the character transformation and I would say Mental Madhilo has used this very effectively. In our day to day lives, it’s natural that we get confused a lot of times. But as Swecha (Nivetha Pethuraj) would say in the film, Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) has an extra spoon of confusion which is what drives the film and what Mental Madhilo is all about.

The real hero of the film is the Writer/Director Vivek Athreya who surprises with his quirky writing. The characters which he created are very natural and relatable. The best part of the dialogues is that it doesn’t sound like the dialogues we often hear in films but like the conversations, we generally have in our day to day lives. Another huge pillar of the film is the music director Prashanth V Vihari who adds his soothing music to this pleasant film enhancing the emotions to the next level. All the songs in the film are very beautifully composed especially the song Manavi Aalakincharadate which comes in the third act of the film.

The casting of the film couldn’t have been more perfect. Sree Vishnu who is also very calm and grounded in his real life is apt as a guy who is always confused. Nivetha Pethuraj and her performance is going to make everyone fall in love with her and supporting her performance Veena Ghantasala’s dubbing elevates it. Amrutha Srinivasan who is known for her brilliantperformance in a Tamil web series “Livin” is another surprise in the film which the makers have been hiding it. Shivaji Raja got a full-length entertaining role after a long back as Aravind Krishna’s father.

Nevertheless, Mental Madhilo also has its share of flaws. After a very good first half, the second might seem a bit slow. The editing too could have been better. But the honesty in the film will make us forget these tiny flaws and enjoy it thoroughly because Telugu cinema rarely comes with an honest film. Every aspect of Mental Madhilo is filled with freshness and honesty which is the main USP of the film. Mental Madhilo is not a laugh riot but if there’s a word called smile riot it can be used to describe the film perfectly because all the film does from the starting to end is bring a smile on our faces.

On the whole, if you love feel-good films with honest characters and storytelling, Mental Madhilo is for you. Since too many films are being released on 24th don’t get too confused like Aravind Krishna and watch this film.
Our Rating – 3.5/5
– Praneeth Prattipati

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