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Natural Star Nani has teamed up with producer Dil Raju for the second time this year to score a hit. As Nani was seen in Ninnu Kori and Nenu Local, he is very confident on scoring a hat-trick with the current movie Middle-Class Abbayi at the box office. On the other side, the producer Dil Raju is also confident of scoring a double hat-trick in his sixth Production this year in the form of Middle-Class Abbayi. Venu Sriram who earlier directed Oh My Friend has directed this romantic and family entertainer. Sai Pallavi has played the female lead in the film while Bhumika Chawla has made a successful come back to the film.
The trailer itself reveals that the film is having an interesting narrative forward with a Vadina and Maridi bonding which is going to turn emotional and impresses the family audiences. After promoting it well, the makers made sure that the film strikes well with everyone and the advance bookings have also proved the same. Going into the story, the film has an interesting premise which gives a good understanding of how the film is going to turn. While the first half of the movie has nothing much to reveal. It clearly introduces the characters of everyone. The scenes between Nani and Bhumika have come out well and the chemistry between the lead actors worked out well too. The conflict with the villain is interesting and Nani’s confrontation scenes with Vijay Varma who played the villain have come out well too. At the interval point, we understand the actual point of the movie and the villain’s attack on Bhumika as an interval block is going to impress everyone.
The first half is completely a family film as there is nothing much hard-hitting drama that happens. It smoothly focusses on the family values, emotions and the fun part. The characterisation of everyone especially Bhumika has come out well. Everyone gave their best in terms of performances. Nani, Sai Pallavi and Bhumika Chawla are outstanding and especially Bhumika is a perfect choice for the role she was given. Story-wise there is nothing much creative about the movie in the first half of the film but the director made sure that the comercial points were mixed well.
The second half begins with Nani and villain engaging in an interesting deal. The film completely focuses on the Middle-Class mentality from the beginning to the end. The cat and mouse game between hero and villain in the second half sets up the story for the second half and it came out in an ordinary way. The Second half of the film is all about hero protecting his family and keeping them away from the villain’s evil thoughts. The disappointing fact is that the film has a predictable climax and the film ends on an unconvincing note.
The major highlights of the film are the performances. The Maridi and vadina theme as a plot line appeared new to the audiences and it worked out well. The clean comedy and dialogues in the first half of the movie are good and the romantic track is also nice. Sai Pallavi’s talent has been wasted and it is disheartening to see for all her fans. The Songs have appeared as major speed breakers in the movie. The flat second half is also said to be a minus point Devi Sri Prasad is completely failed as a music director in providing a good audio album as well as background score. He has become completely routine.
It looks like the makers made the movie just to focusing on Nani’s positive image and cooking up a routine story with some comercial points. Audiences have always been expecting a new movie from Nani with the different concept but Nani has failed to entertain the audiences with a different concept but took a routine route and treated the film as a comercial one.
On a whole, the film has nothing much or nothing great to offer to the audiences who think that the film is going to be having Nani’s mark but for all those who wanted to enjoy a decent movie this is a worth watching one.
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