Malli Rava Movie Review

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After the failure of Naruda Donaruda, Sumanth has come up with his new film Malli Raava at the theatres. A newcomer named Gowtham made his directional debut with the film and the theatrical trailer has already created a special interest in the movie. The film is slow but it makes you feel the love between the characters shown on the big screen. 
The film is a love tale of Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali (Akansha Singh). The inhibitions that Anjali having about marriage because of several external factors become a reason for break up with Karthik. The love-hate-love relationship has been narrated in the movie and what happens, in the end, has to be watched in the theatres. The love stories will always have a universal acceptance and that’s how the director has narrated this subject in a way that everyone will connect to it.
The major plus point of the film is the performance delivered by both the hero and heroine. It is natural, fresh and grounded. There is a lot of clarity in what the director wanted to tell which is an appreciable thing. The director has adopted a switching technique for the screenplay but he is successful to the maximum extent in narrating the movie without bringing a boredom. The emotional scenes in the movie are mind-blowing. Especially, the scene where the heroine leaves the hero for the first time was shot well and it brings tears to everyone.
Sumanth is surely going to change the way he is looking at the scripts and Malli Raava would definitely boost up his confidence levels. When Sumanth and Aakansha Singh have put their best, the actors who played their childhood parts also delivered a good performance. Preethi Asrani and Satwik are appreciable in the roles they played. The slow narration in the first half is the only minus part in the film. The drama in the first half appears to be dragged and lengthy but then we also get a feeling that it is necessary for the movie as love sometimes can be a slow poison.
The director has tried to present the love he has experienced in his own perception. Except for the slow first half, the film appeals to everyone in all the ways. Another big asset for the movie is the music composed by Shravan Bharadwaj. He impressed with the audio album as well as the background score. The BGM especially elevated every single scene to the best possible extent and has provided an eye feast. The cinematography is cool and the editing is fine. The production values are impressive too. 
Malli Raava is certainly going to be a come back for Sumanth after Godavari and Golkonda High school. Very rarely, we see such honest and genuine attempts in Telugu and it is our responsibility to encourage them. The film might test your patience but it is worth experiencing it. Go watch it.
Rating: 3/5
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