Vikram K Kumar is one of the most happening filmmakers right now with scoring back to back hits and exploring new concepts with the films like Manam and 24. The trailer of Hello! Starring Akhil Akkineni has been released and it’s already trending at #1 on YouTube with making the audience desperately wait for the film. Here’s our analysis of Hello! Trailer.

Can’t help but mention this. The trailer starts with the makers taking a dig at the Nandi awards controversy which went on recently.


The Story – The story is quite clear as Nagarjuna himself narrates it, two soul mates get separated in their childhood and how does the hero find her and get united is the premise of the film. Loved the way Vikram Kumar gave away most of his story, We know Akhil, An orphan is going get a family which is Ramya Krishna and Jagathipathi Babu, There is a conflict between Ajay and Akhil which is stopping him from getting back to his soul mate. Though we almost know what the film is going to be yet, there is an uncertainty and suspense hidden which is making us eager to wait for the film. Vikram K Kumar, Who used the concept of destiny in Manam uses it again in this film too.

The Colours – Undoubtedly the visuals in the film are going to be top notch and the colors in the trailer are what gave the film a classy and different look which we usually don’t get to see in our films. Looks like Vikram Kumar took up a specific color tone for the film. He mostly used dark colors and the trailer is mostly filled with Green’s and Black’s.

The Green’s :-

The Black’s


In the trailer, we see Akhil mostly in the red jacket which suggests that the film’s story duration might be happening in one day which Nagarjuna refers to in the beginning. Since the story revolves around what’s going to happen in that ONE day, Looks like it’s going to be a race against the time situation to get back to his soul mate.

The Phone – Another important element in the film is the phone, the whole film is going to revolve around the phone which we don’t know how and why. Vikram Kumar has cleverly put it in the trailer. If you carefully observe in the beginning of the trailer hero’s soul mate from the childhood signals him to call her while leaving him.


And we get to see multiple references of the phone.


Looking at the trailer, it looks like Hello! Is going to be a love story with amazing action sequences and racy screenplay supported by beautiful visuals. With less than 20 days to the release date, we already can’t wait to watch it. Trippy Flix wishes the whole team of Hello! All the best.

  • Praneeth Prattipati


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