Siddharth, after a long time, is back with his new film GRUHAM with a debut director Milind Rau where he also co-produced and co-written the script. Indian cinema had witnessed many horror films but Gruham separates from them. Let’s check out why?

Gruham has a premise which we see in almost all the horror films. A happily married couple Krish and Lakshmi get to settle down in a house near the Himalayas. Things start getting wrong when a family enters into their neighbouring house and mysterious things start happening. Now, what separates Gruham from all the horror films is being truthful to the genre. We often see horror films deviating from the main plot or the main plot starting from the midpoint by adding up commercial elements and unnecessary songs but Gruham stays true to the genre by following all the genre conventions like how its followed internationally. Milind Rau didn’t even want to waste the screen time by writing few scenes to establish the couple. Instead, He establishes their backstory by a montage song which is visually stunning.

There are many scenes which scare the audience, but the best part is instead of using cheap tricks like using sound effects to scar, Milind Rau makes sure the scares are part of the film effortlessly. The technical values of this film are so high that one could easily think it is an international film especially the production design, Sound design and the cinematography.

The film has also the typical elements which we usually see in a horror film like religious references, Exorcism, Black magic etc but Milind and Siddharth’s clever writing didn’t make us feel like they were clichés. This film is said to be inspired by true events. No idea what all parts are true but the Chinese backstory was brilliant and makes us feel more like we are watching an international film.

Coming to the performances, though the characters were limited every character got a meaty role and have done their part well but Anisha Victor who plays Jenny steals the show and is the find of the year. The way she performs in the spooky scenes especially in the interval scenes makes the film more frightening. Milind and Siddharth made sure the screenplay is gripping without any unwanted scenes. Though the first half of the film is very gripping and engaging the second half falters a bit and gets back on to the track.

On the whole, keeping aside its minor flaws Gruham is a film not to be missed especially if you are a fan of horror films. The clever writing and technical standards which are on par with international standards make Gruham one of the best horror films in Indian cinema.

Our Rating – 3.5/5

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