Director Karunakaran made his debut in 1998 with a blockbuster and one of the best love stories in Telugu cinema Tholi prema. He might not have biggest hits like Tholi prema again but he is known for the love stories he makes and the chemistry he creates between his lead characters, Not only these there is something else which Karunakaran is known for and is best at which is the montage songs. Whether it might be a flop film like Endukante premanta or Chinnadana nee kosam we find that ONE golden montage song in every film of his which makes us fall in love with it. Let’s check them out.

1) Ee Manase – Tholi Prema

Though the entire album is a huge hit this song remains special. Ee manase comes in a situation where balu is friend zoned by anu and he cannot express his love as he might loose her forever. The only option he has is to impress her make her fall in love with him. Balu starts doing crazy things but none of them works, in this process he starts falling in love with her even more. Karunakaran has written very beautiful montages which make us watch it again and again, also all his montage songs come in important situations which makes the story move forward. This song remains my all time favourite montage songs in telugu cinema. We are going to see this kind of hero impressing the heroine montage song in his other films too.

2) Naa paadam aagena – Yuvakudu

Yuvakudu is a movie karunakaran has done out of his comfort zone and also this song is unusual than his other montage songs. This song comes in a serious situation where siva’s mother gets angry after he gets selected into the army and asks him to get out of the house. The song focuses on the life of siva in the army camp and the memories of his mother and his lover which he is unable get out of it. This song has gained lot of fans due to its visuals and heart touching lyrics.

3) Naa prema – Vasu

After a dud like yuvakudu, karunakaran comes back with vasu which remains as a cult classic. This song comes in a situation where vasu has to prepare for sony competition and it is also the time where divya is getting closer to him. Harish jayraj composed the music in such a way that it sounds like a song which can be used for the competition and also can be used for the fun and chemistry between vasu and divya. Like i said in ee manase song, even in this one the hero tries to impress the heroine and keeps failing at it.

4) Lokale gelavaga – Balu abcdefg

Though this film is an action entertainer the love story is very well written. This song comes in a situation where ghani rescues indu from the goons and is taking her to agra, where her family stays. Indu is in love with ghani but ghani doesn’t love her back as he becomes too heartless with the dark past which is haunting him. Ghani is a cold hearted gangster who is about to change because of the girl which comes to his life. Indu even changes his name to balu in this song. The fun situations in this song are very well written.

5) Egire mabbulalona – Happy

Yet another romantic drama from karunakaran. This album from yuvan shankar raja and this song particularly gained wide popularity in those days. This song comes in a situation where madhu who is always angry on bunny talks to him nicely for the first time and asks him to drop her home. Like always the fun and chemistry generated in this song is awesome. If you observe the playing cards scene in the song, this is something karunakaran uses in his other montage songs from darling and chinnadana nee kosam. This songs helps in madhu and bunny build their relationship which will save lot of scenes to be written if this song is not there.

6) Dhannale Thalle – Ullasanga Utsahanga

This is a fun situational song where aravind thinks dhana is suffering with short term memory loss and he keeps impressing and introducing himself every time he meets her. This film is known for its amazing comedy and this song stands out.

7) Pranama – Darling

Prabha tries to impress Nandini in many ways but fails every time but finally gets impressed with what he does with his sister’s marriage and that’s when the song comes in. Like all his other montage songs even this is a very fun song and like the song in Happy this song helps in building up the relationship between the lead pair without wasting much time with the scenes.

8) Nee Choopule – Endukante Premanta

This song comes in the beginning of the film set in 80’s where Krishna who is in madly in love with Sreenidhi who refuses to look at Krishna as she is scared that she might fall in love. This song is very poetic and very well written montage song. The lyrics, the music, the performances and the periodic setting everything is brilliant.

9) Ooh La Laa – Chinnadana nee kosam

I think this is probably the weakest montage song of Karunakaran but still the only best thing in the film. This song comes when Nandini keeps visiting Nithin’s house and Nithin is secretly in love with her. This film looks like Karunakaran has lost his Mojo and this song is just a mixture of his all his other songs.

Buzz is that Karunakaran’s next is with Sai dharam Tej and let’s hope he gets back on track and delivers and super hit.

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