A happy go lucky middle-class hero, a small problem to his life and a brutal antagonist, this is a formula which Suseenthiran follows in most of his films. Now, He is back with yet another film which follows the same template and gives us a Deja vu of his earlier films. Let’s check out if C/O Surya lived up to its expectations.

The story of this film is quite simple. In Naa peru siva and Palnadu, the conflict revolves around the hero’s father and in this film it’s about the hero’s friend played by Vikranth. The best part of Suseenthiran’s films is the nativity and the grounded characters he has in his films. C/O Surya too has it but after watching all his films in the similar setup C/O Surya wasn’t that effective.

Though the film has duration of 2 hours 6 minutes, the first half feels a bit long and boring as Suseenthiran takes too long to introduce the main plot of the film. The film only feels interesting from the pre-interval scene. Naa peru shiva too had this problem but the fun scenes involving Karthi and his love track with Kajal was very interesting and engaging which is not the case with C/O Surya. Suseenthiran tried to keep the audience engaged with Sundeep Kishan and Mehreen’s track but it didn’t work at all. Also, Suseenthiran tried to induce the friendship angle in the film which could have been explored a bit more rather than forcing the Love track which doesn’t help the main plot in any way. Though the 2nd half of the film sticks to the main plot, It suffers from the predictability.

Coming to the positives of the film, the character of the antagonist played by Harish Uthaman was well written. The way Suseenthiran connects the death of Sundeep Kishan’s father (which was introduced as a prologue to the film) to the main plot in the second half was interesting. All the performances in the film were very natural and apt like all in Suseenthiran’s films especially Harish Uthaman is terrific and a treat to watch. Mehreen too was good but she has got nothing to do with the film except for few scenes in the first half. She is completely absent in the second half. The songs were good and rightly placed. BGM by D.Imman perfectly carries the tone and mood of the film. The cinematographer Laxman Kumar just did a decent job and there’s nothing much to talk about it.

Its high time Suseenthiran changes his template and explore a different kind of subjects rather than just using the same old template by just changing the conflict. Overall, C/O Surya ends up as an okay one-time watch film due to it’s beaten to death formula and predictability.

Our Rating – 2.75/5

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