Btech Babulu Movie Review

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A lot of films have made their way to the theatres on this Friday and Btech Babulu is one among them. The film has Nandu and Sri Mukhi in the lead roles but sill the promotions could not bring the necessary attention to the movie.
The story of Btech Babulu is about four engineering students and their respective lives. The film starts with the experiences of all these students and their life journey is shown in an effective manner. The director did not have a proper concept to tell about in the film and tried to portray situations in the movie.
The major plus points in the movie are the roles played by Sri Mukhi and Nandu. Both of them have done their parts very well and their screen presence is also impressive. The flashback episodes in their combination especially impress the audiences. The love track that comes in between the lead actors is also good and interesting. There are not many known faces in the film but all the other actors who have played different roles tried to leave a positive impression by coming up with good performances. The spoofs in the first half are good and the comedy timing in the movie is perfect for every actor.
There is nothing much to tell about the story of the film. The story that the director has chosen is old aged and hardly makes an impression. In some films, even though the story is old the makers try to come up with the different screenplay which is missing in this movie. The screenplay of the film is also old fashioned. The director failed to make an engaging movie with the audiences. There is no proper scene division in the film and the music comes and goes which acts likes a speed breaker. A lot of characters in the film come and go leaving a big surprise to the audiences as to why they were shown on the screen.
The only best part of the film is the camera work and the background score. The background score by Shekar Chandra is good. The dialogues of the film are okay. The film has got the advantage of less runtime but the director failed to utilize it and tried to offer a boring watchable flick. Except for a couple of scenes, the film hardly tries to impress.
The film Btech Babulu has a regular story which we might have seen in a lot of films in the past. The lack of freshness in the film is a major drawback in the film. When the producer has given a good budget for the film, the director failed to utilize it and has offered a project which is nothing but a disappointment.
Rating: 2/5
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