Nara Rohith is known for experimenting with good stories and characters but this time he also wanted to cater his film to the mass audience, Hence he decided to act in a commercial masala film. The good thing is after Balakrishnudu Nara Rohith will realize his mistake and continuemakingdifferent films. Balakrishnudu will take you on a nostalgic ride and relieve your memories of 80’s, 90’s and early 20’s. No! It’s not a period film like the first look poster of the film suggested it’s just that it has the same story and making which Telugu cinema has been following since the 80;s. Don’t believe me? Here’s the story, in a village in Rayalaseema there is a fight between two groups and to seek revenge on one of the groups the other group decides to kill the heroine. Now, obviously hero somehow gets involved in the gang war and saves the heroine. Nostalgic, right?
Director Pavan Mallela is said to be a student of a film school from Australia and he does everything a film school student shouldn’t. This is 2017 and audience have now become mature, I wonder how the makers still think the audience will eat whatever they serve if they just sprinkle masala with the uncooked food. I’m game for the good commercial entertainers or so-called no brainy entertainers but the problem arises when the makers underestimate the audience and treat them like they do not have common sense.
Nara Rohit plays Balu who does anything for money. We are introduced to Balu with a long hair speaking in pure Telangana accent but as soon as he gets a job of Bodyguarding Aadhya (Regina) he cuts his hair down and starts speaking in Andhra accent for the whole film. This is just a sample of why I said the makers treat the audience like they do not have common sense. Nara Rohit does his job good but this is just not his cup of tea and hope realizes it soon. Though the story revolves around Regina;s character there isn’t any scope for her performance and most of the time she’s been only used for glamour show. Coming to the glamour show, The makers thought having skin show all through the film will help their film, Hence the result is Deeksha Panth and Pia Bajpai in 2 songs and a stereotypical exposing lady in the second half.
Prudhvi Raj’s comedy is catered to the Jabardasth watching audience and there’s nothing special to talk about it. The film even failed to impress technically everything is below par especially the VFX in some scenes are horrible. Though BGM by Mani Sharma was good the
director even failed to extract good songs from him.
Coming to positives of the film, There are NONE.
On the whole, Balakrishnudu is extremely routine and extremely predictable film. It won’t
appeal to you even if you are a fan of routine commercial entertainers.
Our Rating – 1/5

  • Praneeth Prattipati

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