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Vijay Antony the music director turned actor cum director is known for new experiments in Tamil cinema. Many of his films are blockbuster hits. This time he comes up with a new film called Annadurai/Indrasena in his co-production with R Studios. As usual, Vijay gave a lot of scope for an experiment in this film too. The story is too old-fashioned, yet has a new treatment in the narration. This is the story of two brothers and how the big brother Annadurai/Indrasena has resolved the problems of his family over a period of time.

The audience needs to have a lot of patience to watch this slow-paced film as the original conflict was not revealed until the interval. This is an emotional family drama with a mafia touch, elevated with a few good action scenes. Director G. Srinivasan has done his best to the film and portrayed what he wanted to but the screenplay could have been more gripping. The screenplay has a slow pace. The most humble and subtle acting of Vijay as middle-class youngsters in a dual role is the highlight of the film. The dual role of Vijay, where one stands for good and the other excludes the good and chooses “bad” in a dramatic situation.

Though the story seems old, director followed a new treatment. He has given space for only two songs in the film and used the entire screen time to narrate the story of two brothers. He made one protagonist stick to the loyalty and the other to shift his choices as per the situation. The first half is fully packed with well written strong emotional family drama and the interval has the biggest surprise which worked out well. On the other side, the film looks as moody as the protagonist in the film.

The best part of the film is Vijay’s brilliant subtle acting. The variation he has shown between the two characters is marvellous. The Chitra character played by Jewel Mary has nothing to do with the film. Vijay is the man of multi-tasking; it’s no wonder to see him in a new avatar as editor to this film apart from producing, music direction and acting.

The film has the best technical elements which have been synced very well with the narration. The editing and the cinematography are the major plus points for the film. There is subtlety in every craft of this film right from the character design to the technicalities.

On the whole, the film is a well packed, slow-paced family sentimental drama; this might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Rating: 2.75/5



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