Allure actress Lisa Haydon comes with new look

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Allure actress Lisa Haydon comes with new look

Lisa Haydon, the 31 year old beauty is an Indian supermodel, fashion designer, and actress, who mainly casted in Hindi films. Haydon made her acting debut with a supporting role in the 2010 romantic comedy Aisha and received critical praise for her performance in the comedy-drama Queen, which garnered wide recognition and a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Filmfare, among other accolades. Recently, Lisa has recently gone for platinum blonde. It is the moment when she decided to go for platinum blonde she became unbelievably sexy.

The difficult part to work is colour. It results in either positive good looking or ugly. This will finally end up looking like an exotic hottest or a bleached poodle. And at the end we can see and know in to which category Lisa does fall into.

She celebrated the change in her with a photo shoot. In this she posed for more than seven pictures to share.  In the pictures we can see Lisa in a bodycon black maxi dress, strolling and posing in the dark night under moonlight. The moonlight falling on her face makes her look like a legit goddess. One who just looks at her will definitely feels harder to breathe.

In her captions in one of her pictures that she uploaded on her social media said that, she is feeling like a mermaid. Her fans feel that they cannot deny her feelings and she look like the one who has stunning beauty.  Although this look does remind us a lot of “Khaleesi” Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”, which you all know about, we’re sure. Needless to say, she makes for an even hotter Khaleesi, doesn’t she?

In country like India people are obsessed with fair skin. But Lisa always looks like she always been a breath of fresh air. Lisa enjoys her life to the fullest. She never believe in waiting for anything to happen.  She accepts herself as what she is and also shows the world that self love is all about our lives. The mother of one has always been a free bird, doing what she likes without a care about the world. The new mom is constantly giving us some major inspiration and positivity through her social media acoounts like Instagram.

Recently, she did a photo shoot with for a magazine with the tiny little Zach. With this we got the first real look of baby Zach and also Lisa’s toned body after five months gap of giving birth. If nothing else, it definitely looks like some sort of miracle.

The actress and the model Lisa is very particular when it comes to her work. After having given us VijayLaxmi in Queen and talking about the ‘vatavaran’ in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, she is currently enjoying her break. And while we are enjoying this break too, thanks to all the vacation pictures, outfit inspirations and now the hair colour goals, we can’t wait for her to be back on our screens.

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